ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2016)

If you only had four and a half weeks to compose the music for a movie, and had to live up to fan expectations, would you say yes? Well, if the film is part of the Star Wars franchise, it’s likely that you’ll say yes and deal with the consequences later.

And that was probably what Michael Giacchino did. If you don’t already know, the film went through a series of reshoots. As a result, the post production schedule was altered and Alexandre Desplat, the original composer tied to the project, was no longer available. Giacchino, who had just finished production on Doctor Strange, started work on this movie almost immediately.

The result? A satisfying piece of work that respects the legacy from a certain maestro named John Williams, while adding on rewarding elements that make the music from the standalone film as epic as its counterparts.

The 69 minute soundtrack album kicks off with the intense “He’s Here For Us”, an evident villainous theme that forces its weight upon you with its brassy orchestrations. The theme for heroine of the movie, Jyn Erso, is introduced in “A Long Ride Ahead”, and subsequently heard in “Wobani Imperial Labour Camp” and “Trust Goes Both Ways”.

Adventure is abound in “Jedha City Ambush” and “Confrontation on Eadu”, while an uncomfortable sinister feeling lurks around in “Krennic’s Aspirations”. Patriotism is abound in “Rebellions are Built on Hope” and “Rogue One”, while tears may well up in your eyes in “Your Father Would Be Proud” and “Jyn Erdo and Hope Suite”.

Giacchino has done an impressive job milking different emotions from listeners – whether they have watched the movie or not. Fans of Star Wars movies will also be pleased that the Academy Award winner (Up) has incorporated Williams’ theme from previous installations into this soundtrack. You will hear the “Death Star Motif” in “When Has Become Now”, “The Force Theme” in “Scrambling the Rebel Fleet” and “Imperial Walkers” in “AT-ACT Assault”.

Fans of Giacchino will be smiling when they see the alternate ‘pun filled’ track listing in the CD’s liner notes. For example, “Cargo Shuttle SW-0608” is “World’s Worse Vacation Destination”, “The Master Switch” is “Switch Hunt”, and “Hope” is “Life and Let Jedi”.

This soundtrack is highly recommended, and there is nothing not to like for every minute of music played out on the album. 


Recommended Track: (17) Your Father Would Be Proud

Review by John Li


He's Here for Us
A Long Ride Ahead 
Wobani Imperial Labor Camp
Trust Goes Both Ways 
When Has Become Now 
Jedha Arrival
Jedha City Ambush
Confrontation on Eadu
Krennic's Aspirations
Rebellions Are Built on Hope
12 Rogue One
13 Cargo Shuttle SW-0608
14 Scrambling the Rebel Fleet
15 AT-ACT Assault
16 The Master Switch
17 Your Father Would Be Proud
18 Hope 
19 Jyn Erso and Hope Suite
20 The Imperial Suite
21 Guardians of the Whills Suite



Composer: Michael Giacchino, with original Star Wars music by John WIlliams
Label: Walt Disney Records
Release Date: December 16, 2016