THE ROOFTOP (天台) - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2013)

You’ve got to give it to Jay Chou. While it remains debatable (in this reviewer’s opinion, at least) whether the Taiwanese musician/ singer/ songwriter/ actor/ director (yup, that’s indeed a mouthful) is talented, you have to admit his influence in the entertainment industry. How else would you explain his alarmingly popular sold out concerts and his effortless ability to make fans lap up every single media product he endorses?

Take for example this soundtrack album to his second directorial feature – just look at the packaging. Just. Look.

Presented in an elaborate cigarette box style packaging, the 64 minute album seems like an accessory here. Besides the CD, you’ll find yourself going gaga over the 30 postcards featuring key scenes from the movie. Flip over these postcards and you’ll find information about every cue from this 35 track album. For die hard fans, there is also a poster featuring a very forlorn looking Jay Chou. Ah, love that retro licious head band!

The rationale driven part of our minds tell us to concentrate on the music presented on the CD. There are 22 score cues composed by Huang Yu Xun, and you’ll be brought back in time with nostalgic tunes like “Bao Ling Nan Hai” (Bowling Boys), “Mei Jing” (Beautiful Sight) and “Long Men Zao Tang” (Dragon Gate Bathhouse). Elsewhere, there are sentimental tracks like “Shui Guan De You Qing” (Water Pipe’s Friendship), “Wu Ding Shang De Yuan Wang” (Wishes From The Rooftop) and “Xiong Di De An Wei” (A Brother’s Consolation) that makes easy listening.

The highlights here are the 13 songs, from the fusion rap “Bo Ye” (Master Bo) headlined by Eric Tsang (whose role in the movie musical is, well, subsidiary) and the cheery “Tian Tai” (Rooftop) performed by the ensemble, to Jay Chou’s signature ballads “Tian Tai De Yue Guang” (Moonlight On The Rooftop) and “Na Li Dou Shi Ni” (You’re Everywhere).

As with other Jay Chou merchandise, this one’s strictly for fans only. And those who adored the movie. Okay, and those who love all things pretty.   


Recommended Track: (24) Na Li Dou Shi Ni

Review by John Li


Mei Shu Guan 
Bao Ling Nan Hai 
Mr Bo 
Mei Jing 
Lang Zi Gao
Tian Tai 
Qi Shi 
Long Men Zao Tang
Funny Fight
11 Kuai Men Man Wu
12 A Lang De Tong Nian
13 Strike
14 Re Xue Ma Tou
15 Qian Nan Zhuan
16 Shui Guan De You Qing
17 Guang Ye Shi
18 Qing Ren Hu Ye Shi
19 Lao Jin Yu
20 Shai Zi
21 Da Ming Xing
22 Wu Ding Shang De Yuan Wang
23 You're My Everything
24 Ying Xiong Zhi Ge
25 Tian Tai De Yue Guang
26 Zhu Gan Wu
27 Gou Zai Wu
28 Wei Shao De Xian Jing
29 Na Li Dou Shi Ni
30 Xiong Di De An Wei
31 Bei Ju De Xu Mu
32 Wu Zhu
33 Wang Ming Zhui Zhu
34 Goodbye
35 Tian Tai De Yue Guang (Ji Ta Ban)


Artistes: Various
Label: Sony Music
Release Date: July 15, 2013