BRAVE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012)

Truth be told, the latest offering from Pixar just doesn’t feel like your traditional (if that’s an appropriate word to use) Pixar film. The protagonist isn’t your cutesy princess and there is just this adult tone which perpetuates the entire movie. Same goes for the music from the soundtrack actually – it does not have the signature feel from past composers like Randy Newman (Toy Story series), Thomas Newman (Wall.E) and Michael Giacchino (Up, Ratatouille).

The filmmakers have gotten Patrick Doyle to compose music for this adventure fantasy film about a skilled archer who defies an age old custom. This princess is about to go on an adventure of her lifetime a befallen curse needs to be broken. Set in the Scottish Highlands, Doyle has put together some 55 minutes of music on this album.

Setting the tone if “Fate and Destiny”, where listeners are brought on an overture of symphonic sounds which bring to mind majestic mountains and lush green fields. “The Games” starts off softly before bringing on a grand finish which spell A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E. The protagonist’s persona is brought on in “I am Merida”, a courageous and spirited track.

Given Doyle’s past works, which include Sense and Sensibility (1995), Hamlet (1996) and GosfordPark(2001), the filmmakers know that they have the movie’s score in good hands. The firm handedness can be heard in tracks like “Remember to Smile”, “Through the Castle”, “Legends are Lessons” and “In Her Heart”.

There’s also the jolly “Song of Mor’du” performed by Billy Connolly and cast. Other songs on the album include Scottish Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis’ “Touch the Sky” and “Into the Open Air”, and Birdy and Mumford & Sons’ “Learn Me Right”. While the music may not be in the spotlight at awards, it is a solid effort not to be missed. 


Recommended Track: (5) The Games

Review by John Li


Touch The Sky - Julie Fowlis
Into The Open Air -  Julie Fowlis
Learn Me Right - Birdy
Fate And Destiny - Patrick Doyle
The Games - Patrick Doyle
I Am Merida - Patrick Doyle
Remember To Smile - Patrick Doyle
Merida Rides Away - Patrick Doyle
The Witch's Cottage - Patrick Doyle
Song Of Mor'du - Patrick Doyle
Through The Castle - Patrick Doyle
12 Legends Are Lessons - Patrick Doyle
13 Show Us The Way - Patrick Doyle
14 Mum Goes Wild - Patrick Doyle
15 In Her Heart - Patrick Doyle
16 Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal) - Patrick Doyle
17 Not Now!  - Patrick Doyle
18 Get The Key  - Patrick Doyle
19 We've Both Changed  - Patrick Doyle
20 Merida's Home  - Patrick Doyle


Artists: Various
Label: Walt Disney Records
Release Date: June 19, 2012