THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012)

This reviewer never thought he would shed tears after listening to a superhero score. Well, it happened. The seven minute cue “I Can’t See You Anymore” on this soundtrack album has to be the most affecting track he has heard on any local releases this year. Tugging at your heartstrings is composer James Horner’s sincere depiction of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy’s forbidden romance, one that showcases a gorgeous string performance and a heartbreaking piano rendition that follows.

This is just one of the favourites on this 77 minute soundtrack which outdoes the scores from the previous Spider-man franchise. Horner takes over the job of composing from Danny Elfman (the first two installments) and Christopher Young (the third movie), coming up with a whole new main theme for the web slinging superhero.

Kicking off the album is “Main Theme – Young Peter”, which wastes no time in creating an impression with its listeners. The main theme is introduced over a nicely orchestrated ensemble of trumpets and electronic synthesizers. A nice touch to this track is the addition of vocals, making the experience somewhat ethereal. “Becoming Spider-man” follows up with an engagingly paced arrangement, before coming to a lovely string and choral peak in the middle of the cue.

The tracks that follow may not leave much impression, but are decent compositions which not only are easy on the ears, but also transits between each other nicely to tell the story of how Parker becomes who he is eventually.

“Ben Death” is a menacing and dark cue, while “The Bridge” and “Lizard at School!” provides the thrills and spills of an action score expected from a superhero flick. The dramatic music presented on this tracks are reminders of how old school orchestrations can heighten the senses effectively.

The romantic “Rooftop Kiss” is tender and features a beautiful oboe solo. This love theme between Parker and Stacy will be reprised in the earlier mentioned “I Can’t See You Anymore” – except that it may just bring tears of melancholy to your eyes.


Recommended Track: (19) "I Can't See You Anymore"

Review by John Li



Main Title - Young Peter
Becoming Spider-Man
Playing Basketball
Hunting For Information
The Briefcase
The Spider Room - Rumble In The Subway
The Equation
The Ganali Device
Ben's Death
12 Rooftop Kiss
13 The Bridge
14 Peter's Suspicions
15 Making A Silk Trap
16 Lizard At School!
17 Saving New York
18 Oscorp Tower
19 "I Can't See You Anymore"
20 Promises - Spider-Man End Titles



Composer: James Horner
Label: Sony Classical
Release Date: July 3, 2012