AVENGERS ASSEMBLE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012)

And you were expecting something of smaller scale? A movie of this magnitude – one that will probably be known as 2012’s “Movie Event of the Year”, deserves nothing less than an equally epic soundtrack album, one that contains 14 hard rocking tunes to shatter your world.

Kicking open the smashing lineup of songs is Soundgarden’s “Live to Rise”, an infectious song which is featured in the movie’s end credits. The marketing angle to this tune is the American grunge band’s first new song in 15 years. Those who are unfamiliar with the group formed in 1984 will find themselves unknowingly relishing their trapped emotions.

Following up with a similarly hard hitting song is American rock band Shinedown’s “I’m Alive”, punk rock band Rise Against’s “Dirt and Roses” and alternative metal band Papa Roach’s “Even If I Could” Fans of this genre of music would have a field day, whether or not they are enthusiasts of Marvel’s superheroes.

Elsewhere, listen out for Scott Weiland’s (the musician has served as the frontman for a number of rock bands, most notably the Grammy Award winning Stone Temple Pilot) radio friendly “Breath”, English alternative rock band Bush’s subtler “Into the Blue” and the popular Evanescence’s atmospheric “A New Way to Bleed (Photek Remix)”. This collection of songs offers something less ear splitting than the first few tracks on the album.

This much is true, 13 out of the 14 songs on this disc do not appear in the movie (hence the phrase “inspired by the motion picture” on the album cover), but this compilation of songs would please fanatics of such heart thumping music. This group would not be surprised at how bands like Pusherjones, Buckberry and Five Finger Death Punch also contribute tunes to this soundtrack.

We wish the soundtrack producers had included some score cues composed by Alan Silvestri on this album (the score soundtrack is available separately), because that would have brought out the epic quality of everyone’s beloved Avengers.


Recommended Track: (1) Live to Rise - Soundgarden

Review by John Li



Live To Rise - Soundgarden
I'm Alive - Shinedown
Dirt And Roses - Rise Against
Even If I Could - Papa Roach
Unbroken - Black Veil Brides
Breathe - Scott Weiland
Comeback - Redlight King
Into The Blue - Bush
A New Way To Bleed - Evanescence
Count Me Out - Pusherjones
Whenever I Go - Buckcherry
12 From Out of Nowhere - Five Finger Death Punch
13 Shake The Ground - Cherri Bomb


Artistes: Various
Label: Hollywood Records
Release Date: May 1, 2012