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Synopsis: Daisuke, a flirty tour coordinator in Hawaii, meets a girl named Rui in a café and falls in love at first sight. But the next day, she has no idea who he is. Rui suffers from a condition caused by a car accident in which new memories are wiped clear on a daily basis. In an effort to shield Rui from the painful truth, her loving father and brother create an environment in which she continues to relive the day after her accident. Daisuke learns of her tragedy and is determined confess his love for her day after day. Each day, Rui meets Daisuke for the first time. Daisuke’s ingenuity and persistence bring them together, but Rui learns that Daisuke dreams of becoming an astronomer and is conducting research in Hawaii, where the night sky is more beautiful than anywhere else in the world. Rui knows Daisuke will love her despite her memory loss, but worries about his future and makes a bold decision…


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50 FIRST KISSES is a remake of the American rom-com, "50 First Dates"


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Date: Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Time: 7.15 PM 
Rating: TBA

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