SYNOPSIS: There are a million reasons not to like realtor Oren Little (Michael Douglas), and that's just the way he likes it. Willfully obnoxious to anyone who might cross his path, he wants nothing more than to sell one last house and retire in peace and quiet -- until his estranged son suddenly drops off a granddaughter (Sterling Jerins) he never knew existed and turns his life upside-down. Clueless about how to care for a sweet, abandoned nine-year-old, he pawns her off on his determined and lovable neighbour Leah (Diane Keaton) and tries to resume his life uninterrupted. But little by little, Oren stubbornly learns to open his heart - to his family, to Leah, and to life itself - in this uplifting comedy from acclaimed director Rob Reiner.


When a movie opens with a folksy tune from Joni Mitchell and five minutes later, Diane Keaton is crooning a song; you more or less know who is the target group for this title. Directed by Rob Reiner, And So It Goes is a rom-com tailor made for the older audiences. Now who say old people can’t fall in love on the big screen. 

Evergreen Hollywood star Michael Douglas plays Oren Little, an obnoxious realtor who suddenly finds out that he has to take care of his granddaughter as his only estranged son is going to jail for nine months. The problem with Oren is that he is such a dickhead that he pisses off nearly everyone near him with the exception of his neighbor, lounge singer Leah (Diane Keaton) who kinds of tolerate his sarcasms.           

By the halfway mark, you probably would have known where the movie is heading. Oren Little is going to accept the granddaughter he resists at first and subsequently he is going to fall in love with Leah. The movie is formulaic and no doubt almost depressing especially to those who are fans of Reiner’s earlier superior work: When Harry Met Sally.

And So It Goes is shot and looks like an outdated sitcom comedy from the eighties, no fanciful effects or cinematography just mainly Douglas and Keaton for the whole time. Fortunately, they can still be very entertaining as you watch them bantering nonstop over sex and love issues onscreen. With a couple of jokes about penis and a dog humping a teddy bear, these two Oscar winners just simply win me over despite the predictable plot.

Ultimately, this is the kind of mawkish, feel-good movie that no one watches in the theaters anymore perhaps on television, on the Hallmark channel or something. I have nothing major against And So It Goes perhaps I’m getting old myself.




The DVD comes with serviceable audio track and visual presentation. 



Review by Linus Tee



Genre: Drama/Comedy
Director: Rob Reiner
Cast: Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, Sterling Jerins, Yaya DaCosta, Paloma Guzmán, Frankie Valli, Andy Karl
PG (Some Sexual References) 
Year Made: 2014




Languages: English
Subtitles: English/Chinese

Aspect Ratio: 16x9
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0
Running Time: 1 hr 34 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East Entertainment