A SECRET BETWEEN US (第一次不是你) DVD (2013)

SYNOPSIS: One day, Ken a hairstylist went to do the bridal's hair. Much to his surprise, he bumped into his first lover, Bobo... It was the first day of summer vacation, the doctor diagnosed that Bobo's mother should take a kidney transplant surgery immediately. Bobo was told that she could buy a kidney from the Mainland about $60,000 - an enormous sum for a destitute family like Bobo's. She was then referred by Wendy, her previous neighbour to work as a high-class prostitute to earn quick money. Unable to offer a better option for Bobo, Ken could only support her decision. After escorting Bobo to "work" for a week, Ken finally bursted and snapped at her in discontent and jealousy. Bobo then decided to go to work alone. Meanwhile, Ken also decided to go camping with his friends. When he got home, he was told by his mother that Bobo's mother had passed away unexpectedly. Bobo and her younger sister were taken away by her relative. Bobo's sudden disappearance ten years ago still lingered Ken's heart. Their reunion forced them to walk through the time tunnel which stirred up every bit and piece of their past memories. Life is like a roller coaster with ups and downs and is ever-changing. What exactly have Ken and Bobo missed? Would they eventually have a happy ending?


Patrick Kong, one of HK’s younger generations of prolific screenwriter and director helmed this tearjerker that stars newcomers Edward Ma and Angel Chiang.

The material which smells liked recycled trash from TVB station has Ma and Chiang playing two long-lost lovers, Ken and Bobo who reunite at a friend’s wedding after a span of 10 years. Growing up in the same village, Ken and Bobo are two childhood friends who grew to become teenage lovers. But with Bobo’s mother in ill health and desperately in need of a new kidney, Bobo turns to prostitution hoping to raise enough money for the surgery. Expectedly, Ken’s jealousy begins to rear and their fate is forever changed as a result of a dispute.

In the hands of a more capable, subtle filmmaker and storyteller, A Secret Between Us might leave viewers with wet tissues and red eyes. But Kong who does better job with contemporary romance tales such as L For Love, L For Lies and Love Is Not All Around filled the flick with clichéd dialogue, awkward camera angles/edits and a ham-fisted story plot that involves gang rape. There is an early scene of the young couple trying hard to have sex for the first time and Kong’s execution of the tryst is as embarrassing as the two fumbling characters.

Still, the indie movie boasts a stellar cinematography by O Sing-Pui and other veteran stars Elena Kong, Lo Hoi Pang, Kiki Sheung, Koo Ming Wah and Evergreen Mak contributes to the Wong Jing’s produced drama.

Although it looks like a satire, the final act, which had the two leads hugging and crying in the street, is played out in all seriousness. It’s hard to root for the two to be together again since they are already had their respective partners and its amazing to watch Ken’s girlfriend standing there calmly admiring the emotional outburst by Bobo. Don’t ask me how weird this is. That’s Patrick Kong’s version of a romance tearjerker.




Visual is respectable and the audio comes with both Cantonese and Mandarin soundtracks. 




Review by Linus Tee



Genre: Drama/Romance
Starring: Edward Ma, Angel Chiang, Elena Kong, Tin-Ngoh Seung, Lo Hoi-Pang, Mak Cheung Ching, Amanda Lee
Director: Patrick Kong
Rating: M18 (Sexual Violence and Sexual Scenes)
Year Made: 2013




Languages: Mandarin/Cantonese
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0
Running Time:  1 hr 35 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Scorpio East Entertainment