NOAH - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2014)

People have often mistaken the heart thumping theme used in the trailer for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) as an original composition from the film. Nope, that piece of music (which we have often heard being used in trailers on our national TV) isn’t the “LOTR theme”. Fans of English composer Clint Mansell would tell you, it’s a specially rearranged track from the soundtrack of Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream (2000).

Fourteen years later, Mansell has created another memorable score for Aronofsky’s first blockbuster epic (and for the record, every one of the visionary filmmaker’s works). Like his previous works The Fountain (2006), Moon (2009) and Stoker (2013), the 51 year old composer has again impressed us with another must own score.

The album producers are generous with this CD, including 78 minutes of minutes for film score lovers. Mansell collaborates with American string group The Kronos Quartet to bring listeners on a swirling, brooding epic experience. The album is divided into four sections: Wickedness, Innocence, Judgement and Mercy. Each section is thematic not only by the track titles, but also the mood the talented musician creates to bring us through this tale of darkness, melancholy and hope.

Kicking off the CD is the ominous “In The Beginning, There Was Nothing”, a foreboding tune featuring electronic percussions, keyboards and cellos. Moving on, things get gloomy and forlorn with “The End Of All Flesh Is Before Me”, before “Make Thee An Ark” brings about a rousing tone. Emotions are peaked in “Every Creeping Thing That Creeps”, an almost operatic cue that closes on a stirring finale.   

Things become dark in “By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed”, an action cue that is signature Clint Mansell – full of tension and drama without resorting to repeated electronic beats (a certain Hans Zimmer he is not). Before the somewhat dim “Mercy Is” performed by Patti Smith kicks in, Mansell soothes your senses by calming the storm down with “Day and Night Shall Not Cease”.

By then, you would have been brought on a whirlwind musical journey. While this soundtrack may not go down well after one listen, it is a score album worthy of our highest recommendation because it is rare we get gems like this these days. We’re looking forward to the next Clint Mansell work already. 


Recommended Track: 
(8) Every Creeping Thing That Creeps

Review by John Li


In The Beginning, There Was Nothing
The World Was Filled With Violence
The End Of All Flesh Is Before Me
Sweet Savour
The Fallen Ones
For Seasons, And For Days, And Years
Make Thee An Ark
Every Creeping Thing That Creeps
I Will Destroy Them
Flesh Of My Flesh
The Wickedness Of Man
12 In Sorrow Thou Shalt Bring Forth Children
13 Your Eyes Shall Be Opened, And Ye Shall Be As Gods
14 The Flood Waters Were Upon The World
15 By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed
16 The Judgement Of Man
17 The Spirit Of The Creator Moved Upon The Face Of The Waters
18 Forty Days And Nights
19 What Is This That Thou Hast Done?
20 The Fear And The Dread Of You
21 And He Remembered Noah 
22 Day And Night Shall Not Cease
23 Mercy Is - Patti Smith 



Composer: Clint Mansell
Label: Nonesuch
Release Date: March 25, 2014