MEN IN BLACK 3 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012)

It’s been a good 15 years since Agents J and K first made an impression on the big screen with their too cool to be true black suits and shades. Director Barry Sonnenfield is back with the third installment, and back with him is composer Danny Elfman’s wacky score which revisits the signature themes which, like Agants J and K, are too cool to be true.

Kicking off the 53 minute album is “Men in Black 3 – Main Titles”, a cue that wastes no time in reintroducing the familiar theme which brings to mind a snazzy 60s backdrop setting. The five minute track indulges listeners with its unabashed guitar arrangement, the tune blaring in your ears in the least subtle way possible.

Following that are action cues which Elfman fans are no strangers to (especially if you have heard his compositions for blockbuster movies like Batman and Mars Attacks!), “The Setup”, “Big Trouble” and “Time Jump” being very good examples. The frantic cues busily turn and twist their ways through the brief runtimes, manically bringing listeners on a frenzied adventure.   

The third film in the trilogy explores some rather emotional themes, which allows Elfman to come up with tracks like “Griffin Steps Up”, an enchantingly lyrical cue which evokes lush images in the mind. “Under the Bridge” is a tender composition which is innocently childlike. “A Close One” is also a moving track which begins with a warmly touching tune, before it launches into a bold finale.

If there is one gripe we must raise about this soundtrack, it would be the lack of surprises Elfman brings to the music. Sure fans of the beloved Men In Black series would have no problem falling in love with the score, but we get a nagging feeling that the four time Academy Award nominee is capable of so much more.


Recommended Track: : (1) Men in Black 3 – Main Titles

Review by John Li



Men In Black 3 - Main Titles
Spiky Bulba
The Set-Up
The Headquarters
Not Funny
Big Trouble
Out On A Limb
Time Jump
Bad Fortune
12 Forget Me Not
13 Into The Past
14 Griffin Steps Up
15 True Story
16 The Prize Monocycles
17 Boris Meets Boris
18 Under The Bridge
19 The Mission Begins
20 Mission Accomplished
21 A Close One
22 Men In Black 3 - Main Title Revisited



Composer: Danny Elfman
Label: Sony Masterworks
Release Date: May 29, 2012