SYNOPSIS: When his long-lost outlaw father returns, Tommy "White Knife" Stockburn goes on an adventure-filled journey across the Old West with his five brothers. 


Shortly before, Seth MacFarlane has just ruined the Western genre with his A Million Ways To Die In The West, now Adam Sandler decides to join in the fun as well with The Ridiculous 6.

Even for a lowbrow comedy,The Ridiculous 6 is a stinking turd. Devoid of any laughs and filled with plenty of offensive jibes, it is obvious why Sony and Warner decides to bail out of the production even before those controversy about native American cast members walking out of the set starts to emerge.

This supposedly Western spoof or satire has Sandler playing “White Knife”, a man adopted by the Indians who went on a journey to save his real father, Frank Stockburn (Nick Nolte) from the evil clutches of Cicero (Danny Tejo). And along his way, he managed to round up his other five half-brothers, Ramon (Rob Schneider), Lil’ Peter (Taylor Lautner), Herm (Jorge Garcia), Chico (Terry Crews) and Danny (Luke Wilson) to join him on the mission. 

Don’t ask me why “White Knife” has a half black brother or a Mexican brother because Sandler likes to make fun of everybody except himself. He even finds time to mock the Chinese in an unnecessary long scene of baseball. The Native Indians especially got the worst of all with one character called “Never Wears Bra” and other involving sexual humor. I guess no decent native Indian wants to portray this character so Sandler’s real-life wife, Jackie has to play the role. Yup it’s all in the name of fun if you were to believe it.

It’s as if no one actually bother to come up with new jokes anymore that the gags portrayed here are often repetitive and juvenile. How many times do you need to see a burro pooping? Even Sandler himself looks liked he just got out of bed most of the time. No one is particularly working extra hard here except Taylor Lautner who shines as a nitwit and Harvey Keitel having a menacing time as Stockburn’s ex-crook partner Smiley.

The rest of the cast and countless cameos are friends and longtime members of Happy Madison that they just can’t wait to show up because of the easy fat paycheck and free beer. Believe it or not, Vanilla Ice shows up as Mark Twain. Steve Zahn (Sahara) and Will Forte (Nebraska) also appears though we still can’t tell who is who. Amazingly Chris Rock and Kevin James are missing however but we guess Rock is busy making racist jokes at the Oscar instead while James is recovering from the failure of Pixels.

This is practically the lowest point of Sandler’s career and this Netflix title will go down in history as his worst. MacFarlane can rest easy for now while he prepares Ted 3 or was Ted 2 a flop? Anyway, Sandler still has his Grown Ups 3 to rely on though this is not much of a consolation for the audiences. 


Review by Linus Tee




Genre: Western/Comedy
Starring: Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Taylor Lautner, Will Forte, Steve Zahn, Nick Nolte, Jorge Garcia, David Spade, Terry Crews, Nick Swardson, Danny Trejo, Luke Wilson, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro, Harvey Keitel, Jon Lovitz, Vanilla Ice, Blake Shelton, Julia Jones, Jared Sandler, Whitney Cummings, Chris Parnell
Director: Frank Coraci
Rating: PG13
Year Made: 2015


Languages: English
Subtitles: English/Simplified Chinese
Running Time: 1 hr 59 mins