WRECK-IT-RALPH - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012)

We are loving this soundtrack album as much as the Rich Moore directed animated family action comedy movie. Not because it runs at a generous duration of 70 minutes, and definitely not because it contains radio friendly tunes like Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration” and Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive”.

Whoever’s involved in the making of this soundtrack must have had fun producing it, because it definitely shows. Kicking off the disc is Owl City’s “When Can I See You Again?”, a wholesome and family friendly tune not unfamiliar to fans of Disney soundtracks. Buckner and Garcia performs “Wreck-it, Wreck-it-Ralph”, a humourous song depicting the man who’s “nine feet tall with really big hands”.

And we are putting Japanese girl group AKB48’s “Sugar Rush” on repeat mode, simply because it’s so psychedelically addictive. Go search for the music video and learn the dance steps! DJ Skrillex’s “Bug Hunt (Noisia Remix)” may induce headaches, but it will appeal to fans of the electronic dance music artist. These may be the same people who will point out his cameo in the film (didn’t catch that, did you?) to you as well.

Composer Henry Jackman (Winnie the Pooh, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) has created an equally fun music for the movie. From the opening score cue “Wreck-it Ralph”, you are put in the nostalgic mood with the composition’s throwback to good ol’ eight bit games. “Life in the Arcade” is a hilarious cue which makes you want to twist and turn those joysticks like an arcade fanatic.

Elsewhere, Jackman comes up with action cues like “Rocket Fiasco” and cutesy tunes like “Vanellope Von Schweetz”. “Cupcake Breakout” is brings to mind an exciting chase sequence, while “One Minute To Win It” is feel good fun.

While there may be a lack of a main theme for the British composer’s work, there are several heartfelt moments. Listen out for “You’re My Hero”, the track played during the film’s climatic finale – you may just be moved to tears. And when the disc closes with the last moments of “Arcade Finale”, the somewhat melancholically warm tune indicates that this album is truly a winner.


Recommended Track: (24) You're My Hero

ew by John Li