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Synopsis: Is it destiny that brings people together, or is it accident? Jiao, a happy-go-lucky casino hostess living in Macau, is a lucky charm in the eyes of her VIP clients. Her know-how on statistical logic and gambling theory is her trump card, making all her clients leaving the table happily with stacks of chips. But her tumultuous past and carefree style always get in the way when it comes to finding true love. Meanwhile, across the Pacific, hotshot realtor Daniel smooth-talks his wealthy Chinese clients into buying house after house. A class opportunist, he seizes the chance when the Chinese economy booming means money making business. While people look to him as an example of success, no one realizes that his heart is as empty as an open house. Fate comes into play when Jiao and Daniel stumble upon the book 84 Charing Cross Road. Out of frustrations, they each send an ambiguous letter to the book title’s address. Serendipity weaves its way and their letters reach each other, marking the beginning of their long distance communication. Sharing ups and downs with a total stranger through letters, they found relief and console from each other, and miraculously, a spiritual connection. But one day, their exchange halts due to certain setback. Jiao is in bad debt and looking for a way out. A wealthy client’s offer to getaway to Las Vegas comes just at the right time. On the other hand, to woo an old couple into selling their house, Daniel offers to accompany them on a trip to Las Vegas. Will this intricate threadwork of timing, circumstances and serendipity bring these two people, living 11,000 kilometers apart, to finally meet each other in the city also known as the Capital of Second Chances?

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Note: Premiere Details
Date: Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Time: 7 PM 

Venue: GV PLAZA 

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