Genre: Comedy/Drama
Director: Boris Boo
Cast: Riezman Khuzaimi, Amy Mastura, Datuk Jalaluddin, Adibah Noor, Suhaimi Yusof, Shahili Abdan (Namron), Suhairil Sunari, Wan Noor Aizat, Rohaizat Hassan
RunTime: 1 hr 35 mins
Released By: GV
Rating: PG
Official Website: http://www.akutakbodoh.com/

Opening Day: 14 April 2011

Synopsis: AKU TAK BODOH is a family-comedy movie that is set to make you laugh and cry, as it brings out hilarious and heart-wrenching scenes between parents and children. Popular artistes Remy Ishak and Amy Mastura exude the true behaviour of today’s parents, successful young executives who are highly consumed with their career and have high expectations in their children achievements in school. Their busy work schedules have caused them to unknowingly neglect the emotional needs of their two growing-up sons, eight year old Jefri and teenager Roy. All were well until one day; Roy gave up on seeking his parent’s attention and engaged in gangsterism activities, while Jefri resorted to theft. The two siblings went into juvenile delinquency all for the pursuit of happiness and attention. Can the two boys eventually gain their parent’s attention with their juvenile behaviours? Will the family reunite? The final scene unveils an intimate and heart-wrenching moments of Remy and Roy. Like a famous saying “Blood is thicker than water”, Remy came to rescue Roy when he was caught publicly for an unruly act.

Movie Review:

Let me clear the air by saying, I have not watched the original I Not Stupid franchise for which one might say, my viewpoint might come askew. But coming from a viewpoint without bias comparison may serve a fresh side to ponder upon. That said, although it had the very best of intention, even with very low expectation (although my high regards of "I Not Stupid" that’s said among my peers might elevate that expectation quite abit.), I was disappointed of the end result of this remake.

Labeled as a family comedy the film focuses on the lives of children under a common problem. Being misunderstood. It may be alittle one sided making the parents look bad but the cookie cutter formula is so apparent that you can smell it from a distance. Not that it garners lesser of it’s intended value but many fail to see what proper direction and editing can make or break a scene and even the whole film. I’m not going to repeat the synopsis as you can read them above and if you don’t mind, I'll just go straight to the point.

There is no doubt, the acting chops of these well known good actors are of top notch and had a few gems slipped inside. Shahili Abdan (Namron) seems to be the only character that had depth, I was actually root for more story from him and his past but alas, being a comedy for the family, major part of the film was optioned towards slapstick control. Other stars worthy of mention, Adibah Noor, who is strangely underused and of cos the ever pitch perfect youngest cast in this satire, Wan Noor Aizat as the younger brother who delivered a fantastic performance, balancing both dramatic and comedic role.

Although i fail to mention the rest of the cast, I'll have to give credit where it’s due. All performance were as per expectation and kudos to all. But what i believe brought the film down to the ground is most probably the lack of direction and uneven pacing of the film. It’s the great divide of wanting both worlds, the cutesy comedy that would hit you on your funny bone and give the audience a fun time or cater to the social commentary of today's concerned ethic groups and provide much deliverance of what should be done in family dysfunction and show the right path to those who divert and are blind. Two totally major ends isn’t it? That is exactly the problem. A film is like taking a fellow movie goer on a journey from point A to point B across a sea of emotions. A smooth sailing and proper direction, taking consideration of wind, time of voyage, content and skill can make the movement much applause for effort at least and enjoyable to the viewers.

That said, "Aku Tak Bodoh" was like going through a sea storm with waves that go 100 feet up at random points all the way through, with it’s high point of laughter to low points of parenting issues. In another words, it had bad pacing. I didn’t mind that it had cheesy moments or that it had stereotypical caricature of roles that was presented in such a weird way (which i can only deduce as comic relief but had a point within that structure thus fail because of such portrait) but for the love of goodness, edit the film properly! Either the director didn’t film enough footage and the editor had to make do what was given or someone needs to fire the editor. The tipping point was the ending scene in the hospital which was inter-spliced with a comedic police stakeout which in turn suddenly brought the mood down to a death scene. That comedic point totally made me cared less about the somber moment.

To wrap it off, "Aku Tak Bodoh" had gems where it florished in parts but when seen together, i’ll have to say, it was a mess. One should see it for what it’s worth but to go further then that, “Meh”.

Movie Rating:

(Remakes aside, a family comedy at face value but not a bright one unfortunately)

Review by Lokman B S


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