For many years, she is known as the lead female writer on Saturday Night Live and creator of the popular sitcom “30 Rock” in the Hollywood circuit. That is until 2008 when Fey’s much lauded satirical portrayal of Sarah Palin on SNL propel her to stardom. Fey went on to star in the comedy Baby Mama opposite her best pal, Amy Poehler, Date Night with Steve Carell and voices the female lead in the DreamWorks’ animation, Megamind.

Now in her debut feature on paper, “Bossypants”, Fey shows the world her self-deprecating humour and sharp witty views on her work and personal life. Beginning with her outrageous description on her growing up years taking jab at her own mum, her exposure to theater at a young age to how she got her scar on her face. Every word of hers is witty and sharp even when it comes to devoting a whole chapter to his father, Don Fey and it’s assuring that Fey tends to keep the chapters short and concise so you can’t help flipping the pages lapping up her sardonic views. What’s dry humping got to do with climbing old rag mountain? Go figure.  

I love the chapter where she talks candidly about her honeymoon trip on her titanic-like cruise and why she is against Photoshop on magazine covers. “They leave in your disgusting knuckles but they may take out some armpit stubble.” Haha. And yes, Tina Fey is like anyone of us with her busy schedule in the celebrity world and she shares with us how she juggles between her young daughter and a syndicate sitcom. Oh she also blames “Entourage” for her lack of breast milk by the way.

“Bossypants” isn’t exactly a true blue memoir or biography of Tina Fey. But the comedian shares enough personal information with readers on why or how she loves her craft. For someone who is not a follower of her past skits on SNL and “30 Rock”, “Bossypants” is harder to put down than her own movies (to be fair she didn’t wrote “Date Night” or “Baby Mama”, she did wrote “Mean Girls” which this reviewer missed).

Get this book right away and laugh your ass off. 

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Review by Linus Tee