Female Lead Of Movie Greedy Ghost Unveiled!

The 80's has the popular HK "Happy Ghost" franchise starring Raymond Wong now Clover Films, Grand Brilliance, Asia Tropical Films, PMP Entertainment, Sky Films, MM2 Entertainment & RAM Entertainment are proud to announce that popular local actress Jesseca Liu (刘子绚) will be taking on the female lead role in the upcoming horror-comedy《贪心鬼见鬼》"Greedy Ghost"!

Jesseca Liu (刘子绚) will join the ensemble cast of popular comedians of《贪心鬼见鬼》Greedy Ghost which includes local and regional comedians, Taiwan’s Kang Kang (康晋荣“康康”),Singapore’s Henry Thia (程旭辉“辉哥”) and Malaysia’s Brendan Yuen (袁顺成).

"We are very pleased to have the very talented Jesseca Liu join the cast for Greedy Ghost. Director Boris Boo has been asking for us to have Jesseca as the female lead from day one and we are so glad that we manage to get her
despite her busy schedule. We look forward to a great performance from her!" says Lim Teck.

Greedy Ghost 《贪心鬼见鬼》directed by Boris Boo (巫培双), executive produced by Mark Lee (李国煌) is currently in production. The movie is also the first movie financed by Mark Lee’s (李国煌) company, Galaxy Entertainment and brings together a diverse group of regional investment partners. 《贪心鬼见鬼》Greedy Ghost is slated for theatrical release during March / April 2012 in Singapore & Malaysia. The movie is distributed in Singapore by Clover Films.