COWBOYS AND ALIENS is first to receive PG13 rating in Singapore

The first movie to receive the advisory PG13 rating from the Board of Film Censors (BFC) is none other than the Jon Favreau sci-fi Western COWBOYS AND ALIENS, which will be opening in cinemas on National Day. 

The new rating category was introduced by the Media Development Authority two weeks ago to bridge a gap between the PG (Parental Guidance) and the NC16 (No Children under 16) classifications.

The advisory rating was given to the movie due to sequences that can be frightening to young children, including scenes where aliens attack humans. Films deemed to have realistic horror, moderate violence, sexual humour and dark themes fall under the new rating. 

Still on the PG13 rating, the critically-acclaimed hit series AMC's THE WALKING DEAD will also bear the advisory rating when it screens on Channel 5 this Sun at 10 pm.