Genre: Romance
Director: Tim Trachte
Cast: Jannik Schümann, Luna Wedler, Luise Befort
Runtime: 1 hr 58 mins
Rating: M18 (Sexual Scene)
Released By: Shaw Organisation
Official Website: 

Opening Day: 5 December 2019

Synopsis:  What if you meet the love of your life, knowing you would only have little time to spend together? 18 year old Jessica is young, loves life and has prospects for a promising future when one day she falls head over heels in love with Danny. He is handsome, charming and self-confident, but behind this perfect façade lies a dark secret. Jessica will come to realise that the future together she dreams of will not come to be. She is, however, certain of one thing: She believes in their love and in Danny. She will fight for him and for that love. For in the end it is not how long you have loved that counts, but how deeply you have loved. 

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