CHRONICLE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012)

One of the biggest cinematic surprises this year has to be Josh Trank’s feature film directorial debut about three high school students who possess superpowers from a mysterious source. If you had witnessed the movie, you’ll probably remember how the protagonists were flying freely in the skies. If we were fortunate enough to the same superpowers to glide like birds, this soundtrack would be the perfect companion album.

The 47 minute compilation kicks off with Blonde Acid Cult’s adrenaline filled “Calypso”, a tune which pumps up your senses. It’s the perfect track for roller coaster rides. Following that is The Longcut’s “Tell You So”, a cue which you can imagine yourself freefalling to. Bad Veins’ “Gold and Warm” is a song filled with teen angst and that wondrous feeling of having the youthful freedom to do anything you want.

While the album doesn’t feature big studio names, it is still quite a gem of a collection which will speak to teenagers. The fast and hyperactive soundtrack’s electro and indie rock tracks not only reflect the theme of the movie, it brings out the darker side of what music can do and steers away from the usual feel good and wholesome feel.

Even the mildest track on the album, “Bone Dry” by A B & The Sea, echoes the rebellious days we remember from younger days. Elsewhere, fans of electro music can indulge in Simian Mobile Disco’s “Sweetbread (Edit)” (a heart thumping ride), as well as Congorock and Alle Benassi’s “Sirius” (a hypnotically psychedelic journey).

This soundtrack album reflects a new direction in filmmaking. While there was no score in the movie, the songs used as source music had to bring out the character of the picture. And here, music supervisor Andrea von Foerster’s work has hit the spot, bringing together a cool, diverse and indie collection of tunes which also includes Class Actress’ “Keep You” and Bikini’s “American Mourning”. M83’s extraordinarily atmospheric “The Bright Flash” brings this exceptional listening experience to an apt close.


Recommended Track: (1) Calypso – Blonde Acid Cult

Review by John Li