Running Time: -
Distributor: Scorpio East
VCD (Nil)
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Starring: Chen Po Lin, Isabella Leong, Kate Yeung, Kris Gu, Ray MacDonald, Bongkoth Kongmalai .

Director: Pang Brothers
Rating: PG




Some believe that the world is one of many; that our existence is merely an intersection between countless dimensions - known and unknown. We run into strangers we don’t see, hum to tunes we don’t hear. Most of us remain ignorant. But there are always others who would try everything to beseech the truth if not thrill - that is, to see ghost just for the sake of living once.

Five thrill-seeking teenagers would embark on the journey to explore the lurid landscape of the other-worldly. Oblivious to the underlying principal of the “10”, their morbid appetite for fear is to be met with, and only too excessively... Following their quintessential horror sensations THE EYE and THE EYE 2, Pang Brothers have yet conceived an electrifying young breed of series - THE EYE 10, a nightmarish rollercoaster ride that sees no end...


For one moment, I thought “Eye 10” is the 10th sequel of Pang Brothers “The Eye” series. So it’s mean 10 ways to see ghosts (who in the right frame of mind wants to do that!). As the third installments of this urban legend about ghost sighting, “Eye 10” attempt to haunt audience, this time with five nutty teenagers trying 10 D.I.Y. methods to see ghost - just for fun. But the beings of the Netherworld are definitely not to reckon with and the teens ultimately suffer grave consequences for their action.

The outline of the story looks enticing enough. Unfortunately, the Pangs had disappointed their fans this time. If you are those who craze for a good scare, for whatsoever good reason, which “chicken” me definitely could not comprehend, you will be disgruntled that the ghastly figures in the movie look amusing rather than horrifying. Think about those 80s Hong Kong movies where green light bulbs seem to be heavily deployed to shine on dull-looking extras and you know what I mean.

The filmmaker attempt to please horror movie fans by offering a brand new approach to “The Eye”, is bold and backbreaking. But using our grandmother’s “boo-boo” tales as the pivot in this sequel, though does add some nostalgic reminders of our younger years, ironically makes this misadventure unfocused and repetitive. Audience may be frightened with the first few methods to meet the “other”, but gradually would gets impatient and question the whole purpose of all the “hoo-har”. The far stretched concluding showdown between the teens and the beings of the Netherworld further pull down critics rating. The “ying-yang” eye in the earlier prequels continues to rules!

Probably the only saving grace in the movie is its casts. Wilson Chen, after a dismal turn out in “The Twins Effects II”, had proven that he is not just a pretty face. It is surprising to see him delivering a fine-balanced of jests and jitters in his character this time.

HongKong singer Isabella Leong, though makes her debut on the giant screen had pulled off a comfortable performance as an affectionate girl next door. Probably her good looks are an added advantage in drawing audience’s sympathy towards her character.

Golden Horse’s Best Supporting Actress nominees, Kate Yeung are still at her peak, good enough to bag more nominations in the acting category. All thanks to her and Wilson Chen for adding many bone-chilling moments in the movie.

The movie does not surprise audience anymore as much as “The Eye” and “Eye 2” did. More often than not, the sudden appearance of the one that we do not speak of is mostly predictable. The reuse character like the “old man” in the lift and the “little boy” standing eerily along corridors makes you feel that the Pangs have lost it altogether that they are hastily concluding “The Eye” trilogy with this. Nevertheless, the movie is still entertaining to watch as a home video. At least my old mama enjoys it thoroughly! Final words of advice: never try those 10 methods at home!


The front cover of this VCD (which shaped like a DVD) features the Singapore cinematic poster. This is quite different from what has been spotted on online disc website, which feature a weird looking boy holding his eyeball on his palm! Probably our local censorship board disapproves this disturbing design? Anyway, this boy does not appear in the movie but you could still find him starring at you on the disc 1 surface! I think he is scarier than the movie itself.

Disc 2 features the memorable scene of the five curious teens tapping bowls with chopstick at a foggy cross-junction. Looks carefully at the picture and you may find some unwelcome shadows!

As a VCD, I am pleased to find, visually, minimum irritating mosaic during playback. However, the conversation and the background music are very unbalanced. Tuning up the volume to listen to the characters may give you a rude shock as the background music abruptly blasted. But that’s work well in horror movie nowadays, isn’t it?

Also in the VCD is the trailers of “I DO I DO” produced by our very own Jack Neo and “House of Fury” by Hong Kong director/actor/singer, Stephen Fung.


Review by Leosen Teo


















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