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   Perhaps Love Singapore Official Marketing Launch 1 Nov 2005

Peter Chan + Library@Esplanade = Perhaps Love Press Conference

Acclaimed director Peter Chan ("He's a Woman, She's a Man", "Comrades: Almost a Love Story") was in town to promote his latest movie, a musical romance titled Perhaps Love, featuring a multi-national cast consisting of Hong Kong's "God of Songs" Jackie Cheung, Japanese heartthrob Takeshi Kaneshiro, up and coming Chinese starlet Zhou Xun, and Korean hunk Ji Jin Hee.

While waiting for his arrival at the Library@Esplanade, the media was treated to a 15 minute clip from the movie. From what was shown - the music, song, dance numbers, beautiful cinematography and rich costumes, I'm sure many cannot wait to see the actual movie!

The Director

Without his cast with him, Peter was able to share with us interesting anecdotes on what happened on the set, as well as sharing about his deliberations on casting.

He wanted to find a new way of expressing Love in his films, and hence, came up with the idea of a musical, having music and songs delivered by the cast, to bring out this theme. It's a musical love story within a story, with songs making more than half the film. He also explained his concept, that so long as one can speak, one can express oneself through song. Perhaps it's because Chinese musicals are rare, that the cast might have reservations about lending their voices in this aspect, especially when they're not singers.

Takeshi Kaneshiro initially protested about having to sing, but after hearing Peter's concept, he gamely went ahead, and according to the director, he succeeded. It doesn't matter if you are able to sing well, but so long as you have, and can bring out the emotions through the song, then to Peter, it's already a job well done. And throughout the conference, Peter Chan was heaping praises on Takeshi's ability to do just that.

It could probably be the intimidation that the rest of the cast were being in the same movie as Jackie Cheung, a well established and award winning singer. Even Ji Jin Hee, a Korean who speaks no Chinese, was so determined to get his Chinese diction right, he has made at least 3 trips back to Hong Kong to re-do his dialogue and songs!

While Jackie Cheung was at ease with singing, Peter Chan shared that it was Cheung's maturity and charisma that made him an automatic first choice for a strong figure role, with lead presence. Cheung and Kaneshiro were casted close to their reel characters, but Zhou Xun, on the other hand, as the personification of Change in the musical, was quite the opposite to her reel character, but this brought out a natural complexity to the role.

Peter Chen also shared that he wanted the film to allow the audience to ponder about relationships from the past, the perfect love story, about taking for granted past love, and the exploration of what is Love. He commented that although his musical is touted as a romance, it's actually more about the falling out of love, and those who have experienced this emotion, should be able to find the movie appealing to them.

The Venue

The press conference took place at the Libaray@Esplanade for a reason, as this was the first time the National Library Board is launching a Retrospect series on a film director. An exhibition has been set up for Perhaps Love, and earlier works from Peter Chan, and throughout the month of November, there will also be special screenings of his movies at the library.

So remember, make a date with Perhaps Love, and the Library@Esplanade.

Perhaps Love opens in local theatres on 8 December 2005.


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